Retired Police Officer and Seasoned Paranormal…

Retired Police Officer and Seasoned Paranormal Investigator Hosts Ghost Tours in Indian River County:

One of the stories told at the Old Fellsmere School came
from a member of the cleaning staff,who saw a boy sitting on the steps and
wearing old-time clothing.She also reported pebbles being thrown at her,her
broom being grabbed and her stuff being moved.

Lawson took his group to investigate.He was down in the
basement with others when they heard someone coming down the stairs and rattle
the doorknob.Everyone turned to look,but no one entered the room.

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Joshua Higgins and Heather Brough,said they b…

Joshua Higgins and Heather Brough,said they believe theirHighland,Michigan,home is haunted after they saw footage of what they believed to be a ghostly figure wandering around their daughter,Lily Higgins' crib.In the video,Lily suddenly stands up and looks around as the figure appears to walk across one side of the room.(Via: People/YouTube)

The Warsaw Basilisk

The Warsaw Basilisk:

It is said that long ago,the basilisk lived in the basement of a ruined castle in what is now the Old Town Market Square,sleeping during the day and wandering the city at night.Under cover of darkness,the creature killed all that came across its gaze by turning them to stone.It demolished buildings and stole livestock and riches,killing many people and amassing a great fortune for itself over the years.

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The Doidge Angelphotograph was found on some film.Danny Sullivan purchased at a British junk shop.Accompanying the film were several letters from the 1950s that related stories of angel sightings dating back to World War I.The letters had belonged to William Doidge who had written an American soldier named Doug whose friend had seen an angel appear above a Gloucestershire lake prior to twenty soldiers dying there in a bridge collapse.Doidge searched Woodchester Mansion for the angel and in 1952,he captured this amazing angel photograph.(Via: Unknown)

paranormaldaily:Face Of Hurricane Irma (Vi…


Face Of Hurricane Irma(ViaEBuzz)

Hurt by Ghost – Spooky Footage caught on Baby Monitor – Unexplained Mysteries

Hurt by Ghost – Spooky Footage caught on Baby Monitor – Unexplained Mysteries:

Video Shows‘Ghost' Shattering Pin…

Video Shows
‘Ghost' Shattering Pint Glass in British Pub

Reputedly haunted pub The Salmon in northern England
shared a video toits Facebook pageon January 1st which shows a partially
full pint glass shatter with no discernible cause.

The Belford,Northumberland pub's landlords Michael and
Donna Duns posted the CCTV footage to social media,claiming it's not the first
odd event to take place on the property.

For more information,visit The Singular Fortean Society.

Paranormal Presidents and Ghosts Stories at White House – Unexplained Mysteries

Paranormal Presidents and Ghosts Stories at White House – Unexplained Mysteries

The Paranormal: Can New Science Explain Old Ph…

The Paranormal: Can New Science Explain Old Phenomena?:

"And indeed,I count myself among those hard scientists who remain highly skeptical of reports of ghosts,premonitions,aliens,lost continents,or past lives.

But,although I see little hard evidence for paranormal or supernatural phenomena,I also believe thatconscientiousscientists need to keep an open mind,and be very careful not to label things as "impossible." Reputable 19th century physicians and scientists thought it impossible that invisible particles (bacteria) could cause disease,and,over a century later,similarly reputable physicians and scientists thought it impossible that bacteria could cause ulcers,until Dr.Barry Marshall got the Nobel prize for proving that H.pylori bacteria actually do cause ulcers.Similarly,physicist Eric Betzig recently got the Nobel prize for demonstrating a phenomenon that was widely believed to be impossible (overcoming something called the diffraction limit that restricts how much magnification is possible in a light microscope).Finally,as I mentioned in my last post onQuantum Neuroscience,even a genius like Einstein turned out to be wrong when he labeled the quantum phenomenon ‘spooky action at a distance' impossible."

Full article available at Psychology Today.



InSouth America,Brazil.Military forces captured what appears to be a grey alien and have it tied to a chair asking it things!Though – people think it's fake.Brazil's citizens think otherwise.Fact or Faked: Paranormal Filesshowed this video and other scientists looked at it and they think that if it is fake then spending a lot of money on CGI on a fake 10-20 sec video is ridiculous!(Via: YouTube)